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Ariel Foundation International Mourns Loss of
Ambassador Radifera, Distinguished Member of Board

It is with deep regret and sorrow that the Ariel Foundation International board and community mourns the passing of its long standing member and contributor, Ambassador Radifera.   He served to better the lives of children and youth in the world. Please view and sign the family guestbook at 

Ambassador Radifera of Ariel Foundation International

World AIDS Day: Keep the Promise to Children and Youth
December 2013


UN Summit

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UN Summit   UN Summit  

      Youth are todays leaders and the next generation of families,
policy makers and economic actors, with the consequent
responsibility for responding to the many challenges facing humanity.

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At the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, an historic Youth Summit on the Right to Development was convened by the Ariel Foundation International and coordinated by Aha Design at the United Nations.   The UN High Commission for Human Rights Office of Development staff had actively sought out opportunities to engage with youth, citizens and leaders of today and tomorrow. The Youth Summit on the Right to Development provided a rare opportunity for select young adults to give their views directly to the UN Working Party on the Right to Development.

Historically, the Youth Summit on the RTD is first time that the youth had the privilege and responsibility to directly inform the world of their ideas and views will feed directly into the official UN Working Party on the Right to Development as part of its own deliberations.

The Youth delegates, and the youth representative speaker, Kevin Ackermann, also participated in the celebration of the publication of "Realizing the Right to Development: Essays in Commemoration of 25 Years of the United Nations Declaration on the Right to Development" with Mr. Kevin Ackermann, Youth Representative, Ms. Navi Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ambassador Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland, Ms. Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, the Director of the YWCA, Ambassador George Abi-Saab, and Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam. The Summit was convened by Dr. Ariel King, President of the Ariel Foundation International and coordinated by Mr. Iman Fadai of Aha Design.

United Nations 24th Human Rights Council Side Event:
International Youth Leadership on the Right to Development
13 September 2013

AFI and NAWO and co-sponsors: WYWCA, ISE, IAC-CWH and GeoEUROPE, sponsored the UN 24th Human Rights council event at the UN in Geneva, on September 13, 2013.   The event was a huge success, with many youth participants who immersed themselves in the issues of human rights.

  UN Semester at Sea Ariel Foundation
UN Semester at Sea Ariel Foundation       UN Semester at Sea Ariel Foundation

Semester at Sea At the UN Coordinated by Dr. Ariel King AFI President

AFI partners Institute for Shipboard Education / Semester at Sea in historic held a youth engagement at the 24th Human Rights Council, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva

Semester at Sea AFI UN Visit

UN Semester at Sea Ariel Foundation


Walk to Stop the Silence: Stop Sexual Abuse

Mathew is walking to 27 countries and 31 capital cities for one cause:
Stop the Slience and Stop Sexual Abuse.

Road to Change a 10k Mile Walk Across Europe

Dr. Ariel King of AFI, Matt McVarish, Dr. Pamela Pines of Stop the Silence, and Alex McGrotty (bagpiper) kick off the multi-country, multi-city, walk on May 31, 2013 in London

Road to Change from Matthew on Vimeo.

 Road to Change Kickoff

Dr. Ariel King Keynote at "Children in Conflict – Peace for upcoming Generations”   at the United Nations Palais des Nations, Geneva on 5 June 2013

Dr. Ariel King, an internationally recognized children's human rights advocate, the President of Ariel Foundation International and the Ariana-Leilani Children's Foundation International was an invited keynote speaker for "International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression,"  at an event on "Children in Conflict – “Peace for upcoming Generations”   at the United Nations Palais des Nations, Geneva on 5 June 2013. Dr. King's innovative Music Video Presentation can be watched here. Dr. King, who also actively includes AFI Young Associates in her various activities, was joined by Ms.Elena Alldendorfer  from Germany, an AFI Younth Associated from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Ms. Allendorf's short presentaion highlighted a view from the youth, our leaders today and tomorrow.

Barrister Abdul Majeed Tramboo, Chairman of ICHR and IHRAAM’s Permanent Representative to the UN; Dr Ariel R. King, Permanent Representative to the UN, President of Ariel Foundation International and Ariana-Leilani Children's Foundation, and a Children's human rights advocate; Ms Lotte Claessens, child protection specialist; Dr Krishna Ahoojapatel, Permanent Representative of (WILPF) Womens International League of Peace & Freedom to the UN; Ambassador Ronald Barnes, Permanent Representative of Indigenous Peoples and Nations Coalition to the UN and Prof Nazir Ahmad Shawl, Chairman of International Chamber for Peace and Conciliation were among the speakers

Keep the Promise

November 2012

Dr. Ariel King, President of the Ariel Foundation International was invited by Youth for Human Rights to St. Petersburg ; Russia to be the featured educator from 15-17 December, and speaker for UN International Day of Tolerance Celebrations on 18 November 2012.

Dr. Kings trip included training youth human rights educator volunteers ; giving a presentation at a local school (639) with an emphasis on global and international citizenship education and a presentation to youth from, six area schools at the Youth Center of the St Petersburg Nevsky Region.

his event received much media, including online news and a local television report. Dr. King was also interviewed by journalist of TKT-TV and the Social TV.

Dr. King also participated in a street event on Mayala Sandovaya Street to educate the public about the human right No 1 ; the right to life and the other 34 human rights in the United Nations Convention on Human Rights.

Dr. King also met with government officials including the director of youth affairs department in St Petersburg ; Nevsky region administration ; the director of the education department in St Petersburg Nevsky region administration offices ; the director of the youth center "Nevsky."

Overall the human rights activities for youth leadership and community service for AFI and the youth of St. Petersburg was a great success.

UN International Day of the Girl Child
October 11, 2012

Video interviews on the UN International Day of the Girl Child by the Ariel Foundation International, with an introduction by Dr. Ariel King, President of Ariel Foundation International, featuring:

1)  Elly Pradervand - Women’s World Summit Foundation ( is active for the past 30 years in the field of education for development and advocacy for women and children’s rights.  In 1991, Pradervand founded the Women’s World Summit Foundation - Fondation Sommet Mondial des Femmes - a Swiss Foundation and humanitarian, non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-confessional, international organization with United Nations consultative status ECOSOC, UNFPA, DPI.

2) Ambassador Collette Samoya, Founder & President,  the peace organization Bangwe and Dialogue ( Former Burundian Ambassador to the UN. She is one of the 1000 peace women candidates proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005. She is the coordinator and founder of Bangwe and Dialogue, a peace organization. Colette Samoya is a pioneer. Politically active even in her student days, she was elected to parliament between 1982 and 1987, one of only two women. From 1992 to 1994 she served as Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, where she dedicated herself to the defense of human rights. She headed the Union des Femmes Burundaises, and in 1998 she founded the peace organization Bangwe and Dialogue.

3) Marylou McPhedran, Canadian feminist lawyer, consultant and activist., at UN Population Fund, is a Canadian feminist lawyer, consultant and activist. Her archival records document her work and activities in the areas of constitutional reform, women's national and international rights, women's health, and violence against women and children. Included in the are materials relating to McPhedran’s seminal work to ensure that women were included in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as materials relating to her activities on behalf of the Women's Legal Education Action Fund (LEAF), as well as on the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence against Women and Children and the Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women on the Constitution.

4) Ireneo Omositson Namboka,  International Advisor to the two Co-Chairpersons of the Provisional Commission for Reflection on National Reconciliation, Republic of Guinea, Conakry – on behalf  of UNDP and OHCHR.  He served with the United Nations for 15 years until retirement June, 2010. A former Ugandan diplomat for 13 years,   Mr. Namboka participated in three United Nations peacekeeping operations:  Haiti, Rwanda and Liberia. He was Desk Officer for Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia at the United Nations  High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR) HQ, Geneva (1998/2003. He was the Regional Programme Officer for the Southern Africa (SADC) regional office of OHCHR in Pretoria from February 2003 to June 2004.   In July 2004 Mr. Namboka joined the United Nations Department for Peacekeeping (DPKO) in the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) as the Protection Advisor and served till June 2010.

The United Nation Human Rights Council Social Forum Side Event -
The Worlds Youth Advocating for Social Change
Geneva, October 2, 2012


The Youth Advocating for Social Change

An energetic group of future leaders gathered in the Palais des Nations of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.   There were introductions by Dr. Ariel King (in English) and Johanne Bouchard Neff (in French), followed by a panel discussion with the energetic future leaders from organizations and NGOs, including  Ms. Bia Albernaz Rocha de Oliveira (Brazil) Intern at UNHCR ‐ The UN Refugee Agency, Mr. Eunchang Jun (Korea) Students Rights Association, Ms. Ashlyn Dunkley, (USA) Intern, Worldwide Organization of Women, Mr. Konark Rai (India), consultant, International Labour Organization, Representative (Switzerland) of College Saint Croix.

 The side event was sponsored by Ariel Foundation International and College Sainte‐Croix College (Fribourg, Switzerland).  In cooperation with Worldwide Organization of Women (WOW), The Girl Child Network Worldwide.

AFI is a sponsor of the
Brussels, Belgium; September 7-9,  2012

9th International Human Rights Summit

AFI Presentation to International Human Rights Summit 2012

AFI is a sponsor of The 9th Annual International Human Rights Summit 2012  will be hosted in Brussels (Bruxelles), Kingdom of Belgium, from September 7th to 9th.  The purpose of Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is to teach youth around the world about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace.  The summit will bring youth delegates from around the world together to discuss human rights and the important role of Human Rights Education.

August 19th-26th with Guinness Record Holder Russ Prager, will be playing the drum for over a week straight. Ariel Foundation International Children and Youth will have events in various countries to support "Beating Child Abuse and the Drums"  More information

Global Youth Service Day

AFI Sponsored Projects for 2012:

Various countries: Ariana-­‐Leilani Children’s Foundation International-­‐
Coordinator: Dr. Ariel King
Participants: 300
Project: Children’s Human Rights Through Primary Education Art & Literacy

Prince Gboneh, BSc.

2012 Global Youth Services Day Liberia


Global Youth service Day in Liberia Gardnersville, Somalia Drive was observed from April 22-23, 2012. There were two community youth group observing the days (Progressive Youth for Development and Education and United Youth Association) with me Prince Gboneh. Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) was observed with 300 young people ages ranging from 7yrs to 26 yrs of age. On the morning of April 22, we observed the day from 8:00am to 4:00pm in the evening. We visited the Richard C. Hunter School Junior and Senior High School and the Well Hairston School Senior High School in the community were we had workshop with students concerning the theme/ project” AIDS, A SLOW KILLER” on GYSD. We had interaction with students on contraction, Prevention, Care, Treatment and Drugs. We had beautiful/ colorful event. It is off our conviction that students in these institutions have widened their knowledge on HIV/AIDS.

On the morning of April 23, we observed GYSD in the community. The day was observed from 8:00 am to 4:00pm. I had two youth organizations making up a group of two. Each group with 10 persons. We went from one community household to another informing them about Global Youth Service Day Theme “AIDS, A SLOW KILLER” how we as community people can minimize the spread of AIDS. The two days was climax with refreshment which was provided by me. Rice and Mineral water
Please see attached photos and video of GYSD in Liberia.
Submitted by Prince Gboneh
AFI Coordinator- Liberia

Coordinators: Lollies Sazuka

2012 Global Youth Services Day Liberia

Zambia. Coordinator: Clyde Milimo
Clyde Milimo, an AFI Coordinator in Zambia is helping in changing people's lives
here in Zambia through HIV & entrepreneurship Skills that he acquired from YouthIT Zambia
Project that AFI was a partner

2012 Global Youth Services Day Liberia

, Coordinator: Madeleine Bolly
Cameroon, Coordinator: Phillip Tah Fon
Ghana. Coordinator: Anthony Akwasi Amankwah
Nigeria. Coordinator: Dr Nneka Amalachukwu Orakwue
South Africa, Coordinator: Beauty Ncube
Zimbabwe, Coordinator: Sr. Gaudiosa Chirambaguwa

AFI World AIDS Day 2011 Events With Partners
Throughout the World
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South Africa
World AIDS Days December 1, 2011 South Africa

Launch of Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers

World AIDS Day December 1, 2011 South Africa

On December 2, in celebration of World AIDS Day, the Ariel Foundation International in partnership with (CBO) Thandi Khumalo Foundation, a community based organization; and Jacob Johnson, a resident U.S. Diplomat  launched the first International Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers (GHG) program in Mookane,Botswana.  Ambassador Joseph Huggins, the Chair of AFI, was the former United States Ambassador to Botswana;  and Ambassador L. Lekoa, is on the AFI Board of Directors was the former Botswana Ambassador to the United States and is currently Botswana's Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

The program  connects grandmothers in from various countries worldwide  to support and to encourage one another; especially  Grandmothers are caring for their grandchildren who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. 

Mr. Jacobs grandmother in her 80s  sewed dresses and pants with the thought of giving them to some other children in the world. Dr. Ariel King and Mr. Jacob  Johnson connected with Ms Khumalo to plan the event. The grandmothers and children were visibly excited to receive the gifts and  one woman said that Mr. Johnson's grandmother should leave them her sewing machine in her will.

The  celebration included primary school Children singing , a traditional healing dance, singing by secondary school children and speeches by local dignitaries. Ms. Thandi Khumalo, the President of TKF represented both TFK and AFI's long partnership.  Jacob Johnson, a resident  U.S. Diplomat in Botswana, attended the ceremony and distributed dresses and shorts that were made by his grandmother in the U.S.  Twenty girls and boys received new clothing, presented to their grandmothers in a short ceremony. 

World AIDS Day December 1, 2011 Libertia

AFI West Africa Coordinator, Prince Gboneh organized a World AIDS Day  Youth Walk for Human RIghts and HIV in Monrovia, Liberia. The day included seminars on Human Rights and HIV, making posters, and then walking throughout the streets in Monrovia.

Healing Camp for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)  in Botswana
December 2011

Ariel Foundation Botswana AIDS Orphans Camp 2010

SAHARA Student and Youth HIV/AIDS Conference,
November 30, 2011

(click on image to see more photos)

SAHARA Conference, South Africa, November 30, 2011

Conference on Africa, Nigeria, November 2011

International Conference Nigeria 2011

School Camp, Nigeria, November 2011

Nigeria School Camp Ariel Foundation International

Community Children's Camp" in Liberia, November 2011

Learning Camp in Liberia

The "Heart Children" of Liberia, November 2011
Walk in My Shoes
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Walk in My Shoes Liberia

Liberia School for the Blind

Walk in My Shoes Liberia

Benefit Concert & Event for 28 Liberian "Heart Children"
  by the "Bois Chatton Quartet"
Fund Raiser for Heart Children

Benefit for Orphan Children

On November 12, 2011, Geneva and France united for a night of celebration and giving to support the Ariel Foundation's efforts to help build a home for the "Heart Children" of Liberia.   The benefit concert was made possible by the efforts of numerous volunteers and leaders of the local community in and  around Divonne Les Bain, and featured the "Bois Chatton Quartet"   See, the photos of this very beautiful, joyful, musical and successful event.

Benefit Concert Divonne Les Bains

Dr. Ariel King is Featured Speaker at the Celebration of the Proclamation of Mayor Vincent Gray for the Youth for Human Rights International
at Busboys and Poets
, Washington DC
October 8, 2011

Mayor Vincent Gray issued a proclamation supporting human rights, and it was celebrated at the gathering of Youth for Human Rights International, led by Niko Papaheraklis, at Busboys and Poets in Washington DC on October 8, 2011.  Dr. Ariel King was the featured speaker to an audience of one hundred human rights activists from Washington DC, including Amnesty International, Youth for Human Rights International, and others.  Click below to seem images of the event and the proclamation by Mayor Gray.

Mayor Vincent Gray Proclamation for Youth for Human Rights InternationalMayor Vincent Gray Proclamation for Youth for Human Rights International

Dr. Ariel King Speaks at
The Eighth Annual Human Rights Summit
Youth for Human Rights International

On August 26, 2011, Dr. Ariel King gave a motivating speech to the Eighth Annual Human Rights Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.   The theme was Creating Leaders Through Education.  


United Nations World Day Against Child Labor

June 12, 2011

International Labor Organization

  ILO Play  Dante Middle School ILO Presentation

School children from local schools participated and the Dante Alighieri Middle school in Turin, Italy, in a child solidarity event, along with civic leaders from the City and the Canton of Geneva, and other invited guests.   The child solidarity event in Place des Nations was organised by a local partner “Le Respect, ça change la vie” in collaboration with the International Labor Organization and the Ariel Foundation International.  Click both here ("Another Side of Life" Play) and here ("Dreaming of Freedom"* song being sung) for pictures of presentations by students.  

[*: "Dreaming of Freedom" is an original song composed, played and sung by students from the Dante Alighieri Middle school in Turin, Italy.]

 ILO Dreaming of Freedom

Also, for the fifth consecutive year, hundreds of school children gathered at Place des Nations alongside Swiss authorities and international organizations, to show their solidarity and demand an end to child labour. Children sang the song “Libérez les Enfants” (Free the Children), they addressed questions to the various authorities present and presented their appeal calling for urgent action to end child labour. The event ended with a release of balloons.  The Ariel Foundation International was an active participant in the United Nations Square - Child/Youth Day Event. 


5th Fete des Geneveis ONG - 5th Festival of Geneva NGOs (28 May 2011)

Dr. Ariel King speaks at 5th Fete de Geneve ONG
(Festival of Geneva Non Governmental Organizations)

5 Fete Genevieve

Dr Ariel Rosita King, MPH, MBA, PhD, DTM&H, Founder and President, Ariel Consulting International and Ariel Foundation International was a  speaker for the second year at the 5th Fete Genevoise des ONG 2011 (5th Festival of Geneva Non Governmental Organizations) in Petit-Lancy, Switzerland. This years festival highlighted the country of Morocco.   Click for More Photos.

Other speakers (partial list) included:
  • Mr. Adalvert Nouga, Administrator and Founder of Village Suisse ONG,
  • H.E. Ambassador Omar Hilale of Morocco to United Nations;
  • H.E. Ambassador Anatole Fabien Marie Nkou of Cameroun to United Nations;
  • H. E. Ambassador M. Jacques Pellet of France to United Nations;
  • H.E. Fods Seck of Senegal to Unisted Nations
  • M. Abdoulaye Sanako, Counselor of Tourism, Embassy of Mali
  • Prof. Michel Veuthey, Human Rights, University of Nice
  • Mr. Johnson A Oduwaiye, Director, Africalink, The voice of Africa in Switzerland
  • Mme Marie-Michele Le Provost, Director of the Society of Cirix Evolution, Paris
  • M. Kanya Mutubo, Director, UPAF, University Population of Africa of Geneva
The festival events also featured artists included Loubna Ayouch Combalat, Moroccan painter; Orchester Mokthar Khenifri, Marocco folkmusic; By Bossa - Brazil Jazz; and original cuisine by "Calisito & Calliope, African Food and Beauty."

Global Youth Service Day 2011
April 15-17, 2011


GYSD 2011 Participants 2011

UNITED NATIONS CHILD WATCH Dr. Ariel King, WOW Permanent Representative ECOSOC at UNOV – Vienna - March 2011

 Dr. Ariel King attended the the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Commission on Narcotics and Drugs, 54th Session in Vienna and reported on a) Healthy and safe children through family skills training programs, b) A Smart Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Drug Use and Criminal Behavior, and c) “The rights of the child” – The forgotten Human Rights Issue?, Red More

Global Youth Service Day 2011
April 15-17, 2011

Photos and Reports from Country partners!

Mr. Prince Gboneh, AFI Liberia Project Coordinator
Mrs. Kemeh-Gaba, Director, Special Education, Liberia Department of Education

Ariel Foundation Global Youth Service Day April 2011

Special Education in Liberia

Liberia Heart Children

Together We Will Build The Home for Liberia's "Heart Children"

Liberia Heart Children

Healing Camp for Orphan and Vulnerable Children in Botswana
December 2010

Ariel Foundation Botswana AIDS Orphans Camp 2010

The Ariel Foundation International organized and held a camp for healing for hundreds of orphans of parents who have died of AIDS.   The successful camp was staffed by many volunteers from the local area and other parts of Africa.   The Ariel Foundation...making a difference one by one.  (click the photo for more pictures)

Interview with Dr. Ariel Rosita King
Cultural Diplomacy News
November 2010

Dr. Ariel Rosita King was interviewed in Cultural Diplomacy News by James Hood and Ana Lucas-Palomares, on a wide range of topics including Mellenium Development Goals, HIV/AIDS, International Health Policy, and Internal Displacement Camp Security issues.

Read the interview here.

Children's Rights Alliance (CRAE) Summit to Discuss How Children and Young People Can Influence International and European decision-making
November 2010

Dr Ariel King, was invited to help facilitate Children and young people discuss how to influence international and European decision-making.  On 20 November, children and young people from across England came together in London to share their experiences of being involved in European and international decision-making and to talk about how under 18s could have a greater say in matters affecting them. Participants talked about the importance of influencing bodies such as the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Council of Europe and discussed different methods that these bodies could use to engage with children and young people. The consultation event is part of a Europe-wide project coordinated by CRAE on strengthening the influence of children and young people in European and international bodies and processes. Similar events are taking place in Ireland, Romania, Estonia and Austria. A report will be published summarising the results of the consultation events in Spring 2011.

To support children and young people to participate in the consultation events, CRAE produced a children's guide to international and European decision making.

Caroline Willow of UK Speaks on Childrens Rights on Voice of Africa

Dr. Ariel King Met with HRH Princess Anne

Princess Anne and Ariel Rosita King

Dr. King met HRH Princess Anne at Acid Survivors Trust Charity Event at the Nepal Embassy in London, October 2010

Dr.  Ariel King Spoke At the Youth for Human Rignts International Conference on August 27, 2010

Summit Project

Dr. Ariel King Attends the
UN Human Rights Council 15th Session, June 2010

Dr. Ariel King,  a United Nations ECOSOC representative (New York, Geneva, Vienna, and Brussels) for the Worldwide Organization of Women. Dr. King's foci is  human rights, children and youth issues. Dr. Ariel King as an NGO representative attended the 15th Session (June 2010) of the Human  Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. Amoung the many topics discussed included child trafficking, Attack on Aid Convoys on the cost of Gaza,  Haiti, Sexual Abuse of Children, and Attack on School Children in Afghanistan.

HIV/AIDS and Entrepreneurship Training – Hob house, Free State - South Africa - April 28, 2010

Hobohouse Project

The overall purpose of the HIV/AIDS and Entrepreneurship training was to impart skills in business and healthcare, refresh and re-energise efforts made by the local partnership organisations. The focus was to infuse HIV/AIDS awareness and entrepreneurship knowledge in the participants and the community at large, the content of the training was to allow participants to rework or newly design their self sustainability strategies through small businesses enterprises.  Clyde Milimo's superior management skills made this AFI project a great success.  

24-26 APRIL 2010

Ariel Foundation International for the 4th year is on the International Coordination Committee and is partnering with small community based organizations that serve orphan and vulnerable children and youth (OVC). Global Youth Service Day is the largest annual celebration of young volunteers, where millions of young people in countries everywhere highlight and carry out thousands of community improvement projects. Global Youth Service Day is a way for all children and youth, but especially orphan and vulnerable children guided by Ariel Foundation International partner local, national, and international organizations who work with Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

We have 11 partners and countries (Africa, Europe, South America, Caribbean, and the USA with over 2700 participants! Together we actively engage in “Global Partnership for Development”!

1. Faith Life Children's Foundation - Sierra Leone (Freetown)
Coordinator: Pastor Kpana Samuel
Participants: 100
Project: Maternal Health

2. Thandi Khumalo Foundation - Botswana (Mopane)
Coordinator: Thandi Khumalo
Participants: 350
Projects: HIV Education and Women & Girls Empowerment

3. Holy Fire Ministries - South Africa (Hobshouse)
Coordinator: Bishop Gerald Moeketsi
Participants: 500
Project: HIV Education International Community Service Day

4. Center in Demand for Parental Care - Liberia
Coordinator: Alfred C. Torh
Participants: 300
Projects: Poverty & Health, Primary Education

5. Integral Assistance to Vulnerable Children -Tanzania (Zanzibar)
Coordinator: Timothy Philemon
Participants: 100
Project: HIV Education

6. Salima Children's Center - Kenya (Kibera, Nairobi)
Coordinator: Esther Wambui
Participants: 200
Project: Primary Education & HIV

7. Christian Development Foundation- Guyana (Freetown)
Coordinator: Pastor Renis Morian
Participants: 100
Project: Empowerment of Women and Girls & Environment

8. Mount Vernon Farmers Group- Jamaica (St. Thomas)
Coordinator: Chadine Allen
Participants: 90
Project: Environment

9. Joy In Belief Choir & Church Sunday School Đ Germany (Hoff)
Coordinator: Matthias Rekus
Participants: 50
Project: Poverty & Hunger

10. Ariana-Leilani Children's Foundation
Coordinator: Dr. Ariel King
Participants: 1000
Project: Education and ChildrenŐs Human Rights

11. Mount Vernon Farmers Group- Jamaica (St. Thomas) (click link to see presentations)

Children's Human Rights USA -- February 2010

Martin Luther King

Over 1800 people came to do service at the County Conference Center in Montgomery County, Maryland.  The Ariel Foundation International and Ariana-Leilani Children's Foundation hosted four tables where young persons drew art expressing their thoughts and ideas on children's rights to help teach others about their rights.  

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