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Past Events


SA Ophanage

Dr. Ariel Rosita King made a surprise visit to an orphanage in South Africa that the foundation has helped support.  Most of the children were orphaned by the loss of their parents to AIDS.  Their happy faces show the happiness that Dr. King brought to them this holiday season.

December 2009

World Aids Day Art

Children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS express their love for their families (biological and HEART) and hope for their artwork on World AIDS Day December 2009.

World Aids Day Art

World Aids Day Art


UN Human Rights Conference

The world delegates met in Geneva on December 10, 2009 for a conference on Human Rights.  Ariel Foundation International was there, participating through its President, Dr. Ariel King.  Awards were given out as well.  For more details see Ariel Consulting International.


UN Human Rights Conference

Social Aspects of HIV AIDs Research (SAHARA)'s 4-day conference from 30 November - 3 December 2009 at Gallagher Estate in Midrand, Gauteng province, South Africa went off like a well-oiled machine.  The conference was held in collaboration with major partners including the HSRC, the UNFPA, UNAIDS, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC PEPFAR and UNDP.  The 2007 SAHARA conference held in Kisumu, Kenya highlighted the fact that there are vastly different opinions on issues such as male circumcision and homosexuality. The 2009 conference thus had the theme “socio-cultural responses to HIV” in order to explore these controversies.

The SAHARA network succeeded in drawing over 400 conference goers despite competing with the many World AIDS Day commemorations all over the country. Participants came from countries as far as India, Pakistan, the USA, Germany, and Australia, and from 26 African countries, including Uganda, Togo, Ghana, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Gambia, Ethiopia and Kenya. The conference was chaired by Prof. Geoffrey Setswe, of the SAHARA research programme at the HSRC.

Why this conference?  The SAHARA conference has a very specific focus, the social aspects of HIV – that is the social and cultural aspects of the epidemic (as opposed to the bio-medical ones).  An important feature of the conference is its strong Africa focus. So often, Africa is analysed and spoken about by people outside the continent. A real effort is made to provide a forum for African voices, and for local responses to be highlighted.

The networking opportunities at this conference are thus unique in that it provides a platform for African scholars to interact.

Highlights:  Highlights of the conference followed up on some of the burning issues raised for the first time at previous SAHARA conferences, namely male circumcision. Barely two years later, several countries have started rolling out a programme of male circumcision as part of a package of preventative measures.  Other highlights were presentations on the conflict between scientific discourse and cultural traditions and the need to identify cultural practices that might be beneficial of HIV prevention. Prof. Cheick Niang of Senegal pointed out that the cultural interpretation of HIV was more complicated than generally assumed as culture plays an important role.

The Governance of SAHARA met during the conference. Dr. Ariel King, President, Ariel Foundation International and Ariel Consulting International was elected as the new CHAIR of SAHARA Continental Advisory Board.

Germany -- November 20009

International Baby Day

Dozens came together at Bayreuth Hospital in Bayreuth Germany to celebrate International Premature Baby Day, and the Kangaroo Care project to which Dr. King helped shephard.


Ambassador Panguene Mozambique

On August 19, 2009, the Ariel Foundation, along with other dignitaries from the Washington DC diplomatic community, bit a fond farewell at a reception for departing Ambassador Panguene of Mozambique.  Ambassador Panguene, as usual, graced the reception with his kind words and humor.  
Click here to view photos by RH Photography of that reception.


Dozens gathered in downtown Washington DC on May 28, 2009 to raise awareness of the denial of the rights of children, including the "Little Ambassador"


International Children’s Day was celebrated on Saturday, 9 May 2009 during the Riverfront Revolution Run, Walk, and Wellness Day at the National Harbor. We celebrated the lives of children with children with international crafts, games and entertainment. Children's Day was a festive day to celebrate children's
lives and their natural contribution to the success of our society and the world.  This year the Foundation provided entertainment and education on children's rights at the Riverfront Revolution Run, Walk, and Wellness.    Comments were made by Ambassador Huggins and Dr. Ariel King, both of the Ariel Foundation International; entertainment for children included Okydoky the Clown, an African Story Teller, coloring, made kits, and facepainting.
See Photos of the day's great events.

The children shall lead and we will follow.

Children's Day is celebrated in many countries, often on different dates and with varying customs. International Children’s Day will be celebrated with
 various embassies and people from Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Europe and The Americas. The event will be opened by several Ambassadors from  our diplomatic community.  

The Ariel Foundation International, promotes leadership, entrepreneurship and community
service for children and youth worldwide. International Children's Day is widely celebrated in numerous nations around the world. It was originally conceived at the World Conference for the  Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925. This separate event is "observed as a day of worldwide connection and understanding  between children. It recommended that the Day was to be observed also as a day of activity devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world." Children’s Day observations in the United States predate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The celebration of a special Children’s Day in America dates from the 1860s and earlier. All events for International Children’s Day are free and for the whole family! For more information or to have your organization participate please contact us at: ICD at arielfoundation.org.

Global Youth Service Day -- April 2009

The Annual Global Youth Service Day was held at various locations, including St. Mary's Children Home in Trinidad and Tobago, and South Africa. 

South Africa Photos

Martin Luther King Community Service Day
Montgomery County, MD

Martin Luther King Community Service Day 2009 Montgomery County

Ariel Foundation sponsored a Community Service Day event in Montgomery County, in commemoration of Martin Luther King's Birthday.  The children of Montgomery County express their views on the need for children's rights in the US, by art and word.

Ariel Foundation International Board In Action

Ariel Foundation Board In Action



Ambassador Mark Dybul  Brian Feldman Letter   Councilman Graham Certificate 

An audience composed of distinguished ambassadors, members of the DC Community, and others were delighted by a performance of the highlights from the musical, RENT, about the youth and HIV/AIDS, as performed by The Talented Youth from Winston Churchill High School, Potomac Maryland, and presented at The Gala Hispanic Theatre at the TIVOLI.   No charge for admission, but we ask for a voluntary donation to benefit Youth HIV/AIDS programs.  Click here to see spectacular photos of this fund raising event.

The program featured: Ambassador Joseph Huggins,  former Ambassador to Botswana, AFI Chair, H.E. Ambassador Molelekeng Rapolaki,  former Ambassador from  Lesotho, AFI Vice Chair, H.E. Ambassador Mark Dybul, MD Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (see letter in program)), Delegate Brian Feldman, Maryland (District 15) (see letter in program), Councilman Jim Graham (Greetings), Washington, DC (District 1), Dr. Ariel King, President, AFI, Jessica Speck, Director/ Producer, H.E. Ambassador Joycelyn Radifera, Embassy of Madagascar, H.E. Ambassador Lapologang C. Lekoa, Embassy of Botswana, H.E. Ambassador Mattie R. Sharpless,  and Dr. Peter Hartsock, Captain, US Public Health Service.   Read about the event in the Potomac Gazette on Montgomery County, MD, too.

Congratulatory letters were received from Ambassador Dybul, Delegate Feldman, and Councilman Graham.

“Act Local - Give Global” 
Halloween Costume Community Service Day

Children, Youth, and their families and friends collect clothes, shoes, toys and
school supplies for children and youth and their families in several developed
countries: Haiti,  Barbados, South Africa and Botswana. The collected items were brought to the Potomac community center. The items  will be taken by the Ariel Foundation International to an orphanage, a flooded town,  a shelter for women and children and schools:  to Haiti (people in flood) ,  Barbados (women and children’s shelter), South Africa (orphanage for children from 3-8 years) and Botswana (AIDS Orphans).   Attendees donated the items to any country or to a specific country / project.  Children and Youth and their families and friends were able to see, touch, play with items, and talk to people from these countries.  Featured at the event were Brian Feldman (House of Delegates, 15th District), Richard Blumstein (President RECA), Dr. Ariel Rosita King (President AFI), and Linda Barlock (Montgomery County Community Center)

Brian Feldman, Ariel King

 Clck here to view pictures of the event.


12:30     Official Opening of Community Service Day
Representative Brian Feldman, Maryland House of Delegates (Invited)
12:40     Welcome:
Richard Blumstein, President, RECA
12:45     Act Local – Give Global Halloween Costume Day,
Montgomery County Community Service Day
12:50    Choose a place to put your donations for clothes, shoes, toys and school supplies.
See, touch, play with items, eat foods, and talk to people from Haiti, Barbados, South Africa and Botswana
1:00    Costume Parade and Juggling (age groups, under 4, 5-7, 8 and up)
1:30     Carnival Games and prizes
1:30    Halloween Bingo
1:45    Holiday Crafts and Tatoos

- OCTOBER 5, 2008

Ariel Foundation International honored African Ambassadors for Tade, Investment, and Development.  Over a dozen African Ambassadors were honored for success in Africa – Trade, Investment and Development.  The event, held on Washington DC's unique Sequoia Presisdential Yacht and the Gaylord Hotel, honored African Diplomatic leaders and their focus on Trade and Investment,  strengthening international alliances, and encourage continued trade, investment and economic development on the continent.  Co-hosting the event was the prestigious Sequoia Presidential Yacht, LLC.  Featured speakers at the event were: Mr. Julius Coles, President Africare, Ms. Florizelle Liser, Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa,  Mr. Gary Silversmith, Esq. Sequoia Presidential Yacht, LLC, Ambassador H.E. Joseph Huggins, Chair AFI, Dr. Ariel King, President AFI, Ambassador H.E. Radifera, Board Member of AFI. The Sequoia is a historical landmark that has served U.S. Presidents since Herbert Hoover.  For more photos go to: African Ambassadors
PROGRAM (Click Here to See Entire Program)
12:20 Welcome to Honored African Ambassadors
H.E. Ambassador Joseph Huggins, Chair, AFI
12:30 Ariel Foundation International (AFI)
Dr. Ariel King, Founder & President, AFI
12:35 Africa’s successes in Development –
Mr. Julius Coles, President, Africare
Intro: H.E. Ambassador Joycelyn Radifera, Board
1:25 Key Note Speaker - Trade and Investment for Africa
Ms. Florizelle Liser,
Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa
Intro: Dr. Ariel King, Founder & President AFI
1:40 Opening on Trade and Investment Social
Ms. Patricia Hayes-Parker, Vice President, Economic
Development Corporation, Foreign Trade Africa
Prince George’s County Economic Development Corp.
2:30 Closing Remarks -Mr. Gary Silversmith, Esq.,
Sequoia Presidential Yacht, LLC
2:45 Sequoia Presidential Yacht to Sail back to DC

Global Youth Services Day at the German School - MAY 2008

Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer

For more photos go to:  http://www.arielfoundation.org/images/Global2008/index.html

Read More

Sports Day at the German School to Help Madagascar Cyclone Victims - MAY 2008

Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer

.The Ariel Foundation International teamed with the Embassy of Madagascar, Ambassador Jocelyn Radifera, the German School of Washington DC and their "little ambassadors" to raise awareness and money for the victims of the cyclone that devasatated part of Madagascar in May 2008..  For more photos go to:  http://www.arielfoundation.org/images/Sportsday2008/index.html

Certificate from Madagascar

International Childrens Day,
Rotary Washington DC- MAY 2008

International Childrens Day


The Ariel Foundation International leaders attended International Children's Day at Rotary International, Washington, DC.  For more photos go to:  http://www.arielfoundation.org/images/InternationalChilrensDay2008/index.html

Global Youth Service Day -- April 2008

The Annual Global Youth Service Day was held at various locations, including the German School of Washington DC in Potomac, MD.  Featured was the Deputy of Country Mission (DCM) Madam Ravelosoa of Madagascar, the teachers, administrators, and students of the German School, and Dr. Ariel Rosita King of the Ariel Foundation International and Ariel Consulting International.  Click here for more information.

Walk in My Shoes, El Salvador -- April 2008

The Ariel Foundation launched an ongoing “Walk in my Shoes” project, led by entrepreneur Jesus Herrera to collect new and used shoes and distribute those shoes to needy children in Central and South American communities.  The project also involved helping to clean the local community.  See Photos of the first delivery of shoes from Arlington Virginia residents for the Walk in My Shoes Project in El Salvador in April 2008  (Click Here for More Information)

From USA to Lesotho with Love On World Aids Day:
Grandparent Caregivers in USA Auction Handmade Quilts to benefit
Grandparent Caregiversof Lesotho
December 1, 2007


The Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Ambassador Molelekeng Rapolaki, Winston-Salem State University, and the Ariel Foundation International, Dr. Ariel R. King hosted a hand-made quilt auction made by USA grandparent caregivers to help with micro-loans to the Lesotho grandparent caregivers on World AIDS Day. The event was held on Saturday, 1 December at Africare’s Africa House (440 R Street, NW Washington, DC) from 5:30 to 8:30pm. The event will include presentations by H.E. Ambassador Rapolaki, of the Lesotho Embassy, President of Africare, Dr. Julius Coles, Chair of the Ariel Foundation International, Ambassador Joseph Huggins, and the founder of the National Grandparents Association, Ms. Shirley Smith. The evening included presentation on the Kingdom of Lesotho, Music from Lesotho, an Auction of the hand-made quilts and a reception honoring the Grandparents and caregivers.

Through the Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Winson-Salem State University, The Ariel Foundation International and The National Association of Grandparents and other Caregivers, the North Carolina women are building an international bridge of support to other grandparents and caregivers through the auction of their handmade quilts, for the benefit of grandparents and caregivers in the Kingdom of Lesotho, in Southern Africa.  (More Information...)

See Photos from Visit to Washington DC of Grandmothers and Auction of their Quilts

WSSU: Local Grandparents Silent Auction Of
Handsewn Quilts on Oct. 5

Grandparents from the Winston-Salem State University’s Grandparenting program have created 13 hand-sewn quilts that will be auctioned to benefit orphaned children who are victims of AIDS in Lesotho, Africa on October 5, at 6 p.m. on the second floor of the Albert H. Anderson Conference Center.

The public is invited to participate in the silent auction as more than a dozen unique hand-sewn quilts will be displayed for auction. The quilts range in size from twin-bed sized to queen and styles range from exotic silk or lace patches to patterns featuring 14K-gold thread and images hand drawn on African imported cloth. All are tagged with a title name and will include the name or initials of the creator.

Last year, a delegation from WSSU’s School of Health Sciences delivered pillows and school supplies to orphaned children who are victims of AIDS in Lesotho. The WSSU delegation was among approximately 40 universities, local and federal governmental agencies and non-profit organizations nationwide that collaborated to participate in the Lesotho Experience through Service program (LETS). The LETS program, part of Ariel Foundation International, is a partnership of public and private sectors for international health, policy and management worldwide. The primary focus of the trip was to establish an ongoing relationship with the people of Lesotho with hopes of addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic affecting that region. This effort is a result of that effort, says Campbell.

For more information.

Compact Millenium Challenge Corporation Signing Ceremony with the Kingdom of Lesotho - July 2007


On July 23, 2007, Lesotho and United States Millenium Challenge Corporation signed a five year $362.6 Million Compact with the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho.  The Ariel Foundation International and Ariel Consulting, which have worked closely with the Kingdom of Lesotho to help improve outcomes in Lesotho (see "Lesotho Expeirence Through Service" described above), were invited to attend this historic event, at which MCC's Board of Directors, including Condolezza Rice, its chair, participated.

Click here for Exclusive Photos of
MCC Signing Ceremony with the Kingdom of Lesotho

Click here for Video of Signing

Lesotho  Embassy Reception
for German School (Fall 2007

German School students visit Lesotho Embassy, with a special reception for the students to thank them for their efforts on the part of Lesotho.

Zambian YouthIT -- July 2007

Zambian Photos

Ten Zambian young adults were in D.C. from July 1st through 6th of 2007 through their participation in the Youth Information Technology Micro-enterprise Project-Zambia (YouthIT-Zambia), a project designed to support job skills training, employment and entrepreneurship development for Zambian youth. They are the winners of a competitive business plan competition.   The overall project was sponsored by the Rotary Club International.
Through a business plan competition representatives of nine “plans” have been selected for travel to the U.S. from June 30th to July 14th. The first week was in Washington, DC from (1st-6th,   July) and the second week will be in Los Angeles, California (7-13 July).  The Ariel Foundation International and Ariel Consulting International helped organize the project, and co-hosted the reception for the Zambian winners on July 6, 2007.

Click here for Photos of the Reception
at the Zambian Embassy on July 6, 2007

Building Lesotho Experience through Service (LETS)
December 2006

The LETS Africa Child

Ariel Foundation International (AFI) organized the Lesotho Experience Through Service (LETS) project in Maseru, Lesotho for six days in December 2006.

The LETS project consisted of four conferences, six community service programs, a site visit including professional lectures at the National Health Training College, as well as special events held at the Lethoso Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the U.S. embassy in Lesotho.

The 35 US participants, including Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), were invited and sponsored by AFI, and represented phusicians, nurses, public specialists, attorneys, educators, administrators and entrepreneurs.

2006 LETS Conferences: the Youth Leadership Conference; the Leadership Insititute & Roundtable; the Clergy Leadership Conference on HIV/AIDS; and the "You Are the Key" Public HIV/AIDS Conference (the first public event of its type).

Click here for LETS Brochure ...

Click here for Photos

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