The Ariel Foundation International is a Non Governmental Organization 501(c)(3) founded in 2002. The Foundation promotes partnerships, peace and prosperity through entrepreneurship via education, experience through service, leadership and support of children, young people and their communities worldwide. Ariel Foundation International is a member of Eurochild.

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If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am only for myself, what am I?

If not now, then when?

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Teaching and Encouraging Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Partner with developing countries to improve the lives of its youth and their families

Directing human and financial resources directly to the people through families, groups, and organizations

Making the lives of those who are a part of the Ariel Foundation International better

Education is a fundamental right of every child. The true purpose and meaning of education is only fulfilled when it leads to ``inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all``. This is SDG8. Our Young Ambassador, Tanya Elizabeth Ken has launched a proprietary concept called ``Goal Shadowing`` that connects education as a fundamental right with actualizing sdg8.

I consider it an honor to receive mentoring from Ariel Foundation International! AFI is committed to take youth leadership and entrepreneurship to the next level. AFI has the most kind hearted professionals who are always open to new ideas and push young people to new heights and to explore newer paths under their esteemed guidance.

Kanika Sahijwani

Ariel Foundation International has the most passionate personalities that work on youth and children’s rights issues. Dr King, the President of AFI has dedicated her life to working with and for youth in many different capacities. I have been working with Ariel Foundation International for about a year now and I have received exceptional mentorship from the organization.

Emmanuel Agyemang Dua

AFI is involved with mentoring and promoting children’s rights and advocacy around the world. We had the privilege of providing a pro-bono promotional video for the foundation. Dr King, the President of the foundation was a joy and an inspiration to work with

Joseph Prete

AFI has remarkable leaders who have devoted themselves to various humanitarian issues across several decades. The foundation’s profound commitment to youth empowerment is well demonstrated within their work, with the namesake ECOSOC status NGO affording young people a platform on the international political stage. Leaders at AFI have successfully delivered a number of powerful speeches, including the acclaimed 2018 “The Power of You” TEDx Talk by Dr King.

Ziyad Campbell

AFI stands out for true passion and commitment towards youth. Likewise, the foundation’s clear convictions and understanding of the United Nations system has provided with great opportunities for youth over the years. I strongly believe we need more leaders showing a human and honest heart as Dr. Ariel always does.

Eugenia Novao Z

AFI has true leaders who have devoted themselves to humanity. AFI is very committed in raising young leaders, and this has been made obvious through the numerous young leaders they have mentored. Dr King through the Ariel Foundation has changed a lot of lives and has reached the far ends of the world. She is a real Leader, Mentor and Humanitarian.

Ayomide Sina-Odunsi

AFI has great compassionate leaders and humanitarians. Over the decades, AFI has dedicated people serving and helping the voiceless with our society find their voices through her numerous projects with the UN. I’m very humbled to recommend the good work of the foundation as I continue to work with them on humanitarian projects across the world.

Lamboginny Lawanson

Dr. Ariel R. King is an exceptional leader and human rights proponent. Twice I had the honour of speaking at the UN in Geneva under the auspices of Ariel Foundation International Dr. King has also been a constant source of guidance and generous support to me as I have been developing as a leader. She is particularly brilliant at spotting and nurturing talent, as illustrated by a global project she led and funded, involving the publishing of a children’s book I authored entitled The Day the Sun Promised to Smile FOREVER! The book was translated to three languages (English, French and German), with all the proceeds donated to Innocence in Danger International to support their summer camps for victims of child suxual abuse in more than 32 countries.

Dummi Senda

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” – John Maxwell Dr. Ariel R King is an inspirational leader for young children and youth who want to lead change. I am privileged to be one of the Young Ambassadors with Ariel Foundation International. During my interactions, I have learnt the importance of empowering those around me, who are also contributing to various causes for a better world. AFI has been providing platforms for the youth to step forward and make their voices heard to the world. Thank you for inspiring the youth around the world.

Tanya Elizabeth Ken

Dr.Ariel King is a forward-thinking, broadminded, independent, respectful, intelligent Founder and President of AFI who has exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching and motivation. It is a great chance for associate with the organization. She has always been so supportive mentor whenever I need. She demonstrates a deep knowledge of her field and shares her expertise in a pleasant and comprehensible manner. I follow her projects about children, youth and women with great admiration. I am so lucky to have a scope to collaborate with AFI for a project about children’s well-being. We still have lots of things to learn from her and the foundation.

Dilara Kizilcay

Managing Partner, Lupelius

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Children and Youth Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Community Service



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