Adv. Mrs. Jalaja Nambiar

Adv. Mrs. Jalaja Nambiar

Adv. Mrs. Jalaja Nambiar


English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam


Practicing as a Lawyer in Bombay High Court, as well as Family Court.

Area of practice is mainly dealing with Family matters, such as

  • Divorces
  • Custody of minor children
  • Subsistence for the dependent
  • Protection Senior Citizens
  • Protection of Women against Domestic Violence


Able to bring amicable settlement between warring spouses, and lead their life in their terms,

Children given upmost priority, as they are the future of the world.
Taken tremendous efforts to ensure minor children during the process of divorce of their parents ,Love and attention of both parent to be given to the minor children equally.

In view of this strength, have been appointed by the COURTS as a Independent Lawyer for minor children to decide the custody/access .


Children, youth to live in a world that is filled with love, care, empathy, and breath in carbon free environment.


During Kerala floods in the year 2018,collected garment, food gains, candles, sleeping mats, bedsheets, food item, was timely trucked in loads to major effected areas ,such as waynad, Tirssur,etc.The loads were done in 3 batches.

Presently during the Covid 19 Pandemic, being a Hon. Secretary to society having 3000 residents, ensured all pandemic norms are maintained and Contained Covid 19 in the sector for 3 months. Provided all essential commodities like vegetables, groceries, ATM on mobile ,etc.Still continue to maintain the norms of Covid 19 Pandemic in Sector 3 – sristhi Complex Mira Road.