Dr. Ayomide Sina-Odunsi, MD, MPH

Dr. Ayomide Sina-Odunsi, MD, MPH

Dr. Ayomide Sina-Odunsi, MD, MPH

Dr Ayomide Sina-Odunsi is a medical doctor and public health expert. He has both clinical and public health experience from working in his home country Nigeria after graduating from the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University in Ukraine.

In 2015, He co-founded AB Global Health Initiative, an organization based in Nigeria which aims to build a new generation of critical thinkers in Global Health and Also joins the cause to eliminate NCDs.

In 2016 and 2017, He co-organized the first Global Health and Global Health Pharmacy Certificate Courses in West Africa.

With his organization, he has organized many outreaches on Non Communicable Diseases in different Rural Communities around Nigeria.

In 2018, He joined the World Health Organization at the Rwanda Country Office where he worked both with the HIV,Hepatitis and STDs Department and Health Systems Department. During this time, he participated in various health programs in association with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and with partner organizations like Rwanda Biomedical Center, UNICEF, UNAIDS, CDC.

He also Worked on the WHO country office’s technical operations and liaisons with Health Sector partners involved in Health policy and Health care system monitoring.

He has participated in many high level conferences and summit on the African continent e.g Transform Africa, AU summit .

He is a keen volunteer, a research enthusiast, loves to travel and has participated in various medical volunteer missions in different countries around the world.