Dr. Diarra, Sonou Dit Balla

Dr. Diarra, Sonou Dit Balla

Dr. Diarra, Sonou Dit Balla

Dr. DIARRA, Sonou dit Balla is an international epidemiologist, of Malian nationality.

Dr. Sonou was born in San, Mali, on March 26, 1974.  He graduated from the National Health of Medicine of Mali in May 2002 with a certificate in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programs in March 2012 of the International Development Centre, Wageningen, Nederland.  He remained working with the public sector of Mali for 15 years to hold various positions of District Medical Officer, Head Section of Operational Programs to complete his master’s degree in Orientation and Disease Control in July 2009 at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium.

After receiving his studies, Dr. Sonou decided to share his experience with a local NGO and major international Institutes in Mali and outside.  Later, he worked as a sexual health consultant and reproductive, then project manager to coordinate partners in initiatives to protect the rights of adolescents in prison and disadvantaged and follow-up to orphaned and vulnerable children (OEV) communities.  Its clients include the World Health Organization, Plan International and health training schools for health workers.

In July 2002, Dr. DIARRA was assigned to Segou with Ministry of Health, Mali.  During his mandate, he served as coordinator of child health and gender programs, sexual rights and development programs. He successfully led the largest child mortality reduction program in the Baroueli District and led a multidisciplinary team for ten years. As a key member of the Expert Group on the Abandonment of Nefast Practices on Girls, he has put tools for modeling the approaches in the national plan for the Promotion of Childhood in Mali. 

Dr DIARRA is currently an Epidemiologist Consultant since June 2016 with the World Health Organization. He has been coordinator of Health Cluster Humanitarian, and liaises with other agencies on the assignment. Since February 2016, he has deployed to Guinea, Cameroon, Benin, Chad and Senegal to carry out activities to strengthen mothers and Child health services.  

An active doctor of the Ministry of Health of Mali, Dr. Sonou was founding president of the Association Habitat and Care in Mali since 2004.