Dr. Lisa Gonzalez

Dr. Lisa Gonzalez

Dr. Lisa Gonzalez

Dr. Lisa Gonzalez recently graduated as a Medical Doctor at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), in July of 2020, in the Dominican Republic. She’s currently doing a one-year free service to her country, as a Medical Intern (Médico Pasante) to become a licensed physician. And, for several reasons, she wants to pursue a Master’s in Public Health next year, hopefully getting a scholarship from her country for her to fulfill her dreams!

Dr. Gonzalez has been doing quite a few online courses in public health (The Challenges of Global Health, from Duke University) and two in COVID-19 Contact Tracing (Johns Hopkins University). In addition, in November 2020, she joined the World Medical Association (WMA)’s Junior Doctors Network (JDN), where she and others have created the new e-Health Task Force (which is reviewing the WMA’s Guiding Principles for Telehealth)! Inside the JDN, she wants to get involved in Medical Ethics and in other areas of interest.

This young lady is dedicated to breaking the Spanish, English, French, and Haitian Creole barriers, to improve the communication quality between doctors and patients, as well as to those around her.

She loves to learn new things and is heavily interested in joining organizations/societies where she can acquire more knowledge and educate others. Her purpose includes contributing to the healthcare system in any way she can, with the aim of helping the disadvantaged, lessening the inequalities and disparities between socioeconomic classes, spreading correct information when it comes to global issues, and most importantly aid her home country wherever possible.

Now, Dr. Gonzalez is involved in some research. She has a keen interest in scientific activities and conferences related to Public/Global Health. Currently, she is taking a comprehensive course from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, about legal aspects and ethics in regard to human subject research, health policies, etc.

Lastly, her hobbies and interests include singing, songwriting, playing piano, reading literature books, volunteering, watching Netflix, baking, cooking, and exercising.