Master Murat Eren Kutlu

Master Murat Eren Kutlu

Master Murat Eren Kutlu

My name is Murat Eren Kutlu and I was born on the 10th of December, 2006 in Bursa, Turkey. I am attending a prep school and in 8th grade this year.

I have a powerful desire to do something for poor helpless people, especially for children. I believe that all children have right to education and not to die of starvation and or diseases preventable by vaccines.

When I was in 3rd grade, I organised a fair at the school and donated its income in aid of LOSEV ( The foundation for children with leukemia). Ensuing years, I have carried the torch with my friends; make handmade bracelets, love beads and toys and sold them in support of ONKODAY (a social association to support cancer patients and their families).

I like to meet children from different countries, that’s why I have participated CISV (Children’s International Summer Village) Youth Meeting Turkey team for years. I have lots of friends from various countries and I take pleasure in having text chat with them. It is really great to learn different cultures. Apart from having education at school, I am also studying at YGA (Young Guru Academy) (It is a non-profit, non-government organisation). The goal of YGA is to raise double-winged young individuals giving hope for the future. These two wings symbolises conscience and knowledge and means that these young individuals grow their wings while producing innovative technology projects useful to humans. Here, It makes me happy trying to produce projects, discussing detailly on these projects together with my friends. When I was 11, I participated a JMUN Turkey conference as a member of Norway delegation commitee to present the system of education and child rights in Norway. I learned too much about the children’s livings, standarts, cultures and rights in so many countries in the end of this conference, it expanded my awareness about the children’s problems in undeveloped and underdeveloped countries. Since my mother is a volunteer educator at TEGV (Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation), I have joined her lessons with children having inadequate education and lead them by sharing my experiences, encourage them to do some simple science experiments. In the end of these days, I feel myself happy and peaceful.

In these pandemic days, we mostly do distance learning at homes causes more spare times for students. I have make use of this opportunity by joining some on-line educations such as mindfullness and P4C (Philosophy for children), watching some webinars like” Human’s factory settings” and “Açık Beyin”(opened mind) which is a skill based training for a positive behavioral change on people by combining actual scientific knowledge with longstanding wisdom of community.

Leisure times, I enjoy to do something with my family, play with my friends, dealing with robotic coding and listening music. I am trying to learn playing guitar on my own.