Mr. David Liberati

Executive Sales Professional

He spent 23 years as a Sales Professional, serving Fortune company’s on down to start-up Biotechs where he consistently generated 7-figure revenue. He was fortunate to work across a variety of markets and experience success in multiple industry’s. His all-time high achievement was closing an agreement that generated $2 million in new revenue year 1.


Cost Reduction Specialist

In 2008, He incorporated EcoSense Solutions as a side hustle to Manage end-to-end waste & recycling for business owners. In pay-for-performance agreements, his clients saved up to 40% in their monthly invoices, up to low-5 figures, and profits increased when implementing specific recycling programs that involved producing more in order to spend less.


Business Development

Designed sales incentive programs for independent and franchise retail businesses that rewarded staff performance toward meeting quota. A project at one destination resort turned a brands shelf presence and revenue to #1 product status. The success lead to new verticals nationwide resulting in commercial sales reaching $400,000 in year two.


Sales Trainer & Employee Acquisition

Served as a Sales Trainer on two commercial teams. Formal Sales Training includes: Consultative Selling, Mastering the Art of War, SPIN Selling, and Integrity Selling. Certifications earned in Targeted Selection and Behavioral Approach Interviewing and the STAR Candidate Selection Process (DDI).

Husband, Father, and Scuba Diver
Happily married to Chrissy since 2005 and father of 3 amazing girls: Olivia, Tessa, and Sage. He is the proud son of a mixed-immigrant, steel-working family molded in the hills of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. His breakaway is being an indoor and outdoor DYI weekend-warrior. And those close to him know that he is obsessed with Scuba diving.