Mr. Jeff Smith

Mr. Jeff Smith

Mr. Jeff Smith

Trusted by Royalty, some of the largest companies in the world and their most Senior Executives, Jeff Smith, affectionately known as “The KPI Guy”, is an International Motivational Speaker, Business Trainer and Author on leadership, KPI and Business Management.

Jeff is known as The KPI Guy because after writing seven, international #1 best-selling books, he has the accolade of being on record as “the most successful author in history” on the subjects of key performance indicators and business management.

He’s the inventor of many new concepts with key performance indicators and he uses his own ground-breaking, 3-Zone System called “The Pyramids of Power” to demonstrate how you can accelerate the achievement of your goals faster than ever before, and with laser beam accuracy.

His superpower is bringing clarity to a world of confusion. He has the amazing ability to explain complex strategies into jargon-busting plain English that everyone understands; even where English is not the first language.

Jeff has spoken on stage in more than 72 different countries, hundreds of different cities and his work has touched the lives of millions of people all over the world. He’s written and presented an international educational television series for Sky TV and he’s been interviewed on TV in the Middle East with Dubai One, Dubai on Demand and many radio shows around the world.

In his spare time, Jeff is Private Pilot and a Board Member and Trustee of the Charity, UK Civil Air Patrol. During his tenure as CEO, he put together an initiative which involves a new medication formulated by The University of Birmingham Microbiome Treatment Centre that continues to save the lives of people in the UK who are suffering from the disease known as Clostridium Difficile (commonly known as C-Diff).

The medical team at the University of Birmingham Microbiome Treatment Centre have written to Jeff to thank him personally for his outstanding contribution and they have stated that he is responsible for extending the reach of this new medication making it possible for everyone in the United Kingdom to receive this ground-breaking new treatment. Thanks to Jeff’s initiative, C-Diff is no longer a death sentence in the United Kingdom.