Mr. Kamal Muhamed

Mr. Kamal Muhamed

Kamal is artistic thinker, with unique concepts, passionate in marketing,  Virgo by birth, practices humble,  simple, with God loving life style, A go getter, trouble shooter for him Nothing is Impossible.

Started career at the age of 21as Sales Trainee, with a MNC  of wine and spirits, in India, He has spent more than half of his age in Gulf & Middle East initiated various business within his limited resources. With years of hard work, and dedication crossing through lonely nights he fulfills his little dreams His friends used to joke at him,” Jack of all trades & Master of few ‘’. He accepts the fact that he is still a learner and respects his entire Guru’s (masters) all times. Now believes it is time for him in giving back to society, through his professional guidance to Children & Youth.

In 2015, he was compelled for returning back to India after span of 25 years. This was another real challenge in a state of trauma. Never forgetting the hands of care in need, Kamal was offered, a position as International Business Associate with Kokilaben Hospital (Reliance Group) he always extended his sincere gratitude to Members of Board & Management Team with whom he has, trustworthy relations, indeed lifted him during his business downfall, when force majeure wrapped up with ongoing civil war at Republic of Yemen.

During the period in Yemen, Kamal had faced couple of unexpected gun shots towards him and by God’s grace managed to escape narrowly, took refuge in bunker for 14 days until  date of evacuation…He is in process of completing a script for his  maiden book in the name and style………..” A Route through Hard Rocks

He founded ONLYMERIT in 2018 (Promoters of Medical Travel for Ethiopian Airlines, Member of Star Alliance, Africa’s No 1 Airline) where at ETA, he maintains cordial and professional relations with the management.

His message to young startup entrepreneurs: You have to risk, might fail, but never quit, learn from mistakes do the best and be No1.

While In business he always remembers his lovely Dad’s golden word {something is better than nothing} who indeed was his great teacher & best friend alike… This made him disciplined, negotiator and a good leader.

Having flexible, friendly and hardworking nature respects everyone with integrity, Kamal;s strength is his family and weakness is good friends. He loves Children. Charity is first priority and begins at Home.

He is confident in transforming Children & Youth to be outstanding Leaders of Next Generation.