Mr. Kevin Wang

Mr. Kevin Wang

Mr. Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang is the Founder of Insightful Institute and is a high-school student studying at Knox Grammar School in Sydney, Australia. His interests are in the areas of economics and finance, as well as STEM-related topics. He is proud to be a Youth Ambassador for Ariel Foundation International.

To better guide his professional and personal development, he has developed the  INSIGHTFUL principle. In the future, he wishs to become someone who will make an impact and bring change to the education landscape, and one of the ways to accomplish this goal is through this principle. He hopes this can also support other youth and their respective projects to deliver tangible outcomes.

I stands for Innovation. Everyone has the ability to create and improve on what is out there. His project at school, the Future Pioneers Program (or FPP for short), aims to interest students in leadership and also get in touch with the real world. It represents an improvement on the leadership program presently at the school.

N stands for networking. The action of exchanging ideas comfortably and effectively in any setting is important for all tasks that require teamwork. Through great networking and effective communication, his debating team was able to win the Year 10 Fed Debating, which is a state-wide competition involving more than 20 schools. It is especially prestigious as his team is the first year 10 team to win the competition for the school.

S stands for Strategy. One should always approach things with a strategy in mind on how to achieve the best result. This can include one’s academics, projects, or any programs one participates in. Going into the Cornell Pre-College program he completed, he had a strategic mindset including how much time he should allocate and what method he will approach the material. Of course, the strategy was not set in stone, but with a flexible strategy, good mindset and hard work, he was able to complete the program and simultaneously achieve an A.

The second I stands for Inspiration. What one does should inspire others, if not at least oneself, to pursue one’s passion and grow as a person. One should seek to become the individual others look up to.

G stands for Genuineness. When doing things or interacting with others, one should always be one’s true self. For example, he is Grade 7 AMEB in music, and expressing himself in the pieces he plays, especially with appropriate modifications is very enjoyable and enhances the experience for not only oneself but also others.

H stands for humility. Humility isn’t an eternal cycle of self-depreciation. It is instead the ability to accurately recognise one’s own abilities, as well as recognise the fact that others might be better than oneself at something. This open-mindedness and willingness to change constitutes humility and by extension self-improvement.

T stands for Trustworthiness. One wants to be trusted and simultaneously one want to trust other people, and only then can meaningful work be done, especially in a team setting. While I worked on the FPP project mentioned earlier, our team’s mutual trust allowed for effective work to be completed and the project well on track to occur in the near future.

F stands for Flexibility. One should always approach things with an open mindset, even if one initially disagrees with them. If one hears others out and is willing to change oneself instead of being arrogant, one will improve in almost everything one does.

U stands for Understanding. Understand that others are different and learn to empathise. It will help one make more meaningful relationships in the long run. Kevin had many friends who went through tough times and his ability to understand and talk with them has helped maintain meaningful and mutually supportive relationships.

And finally, L stands for Liaison. Effective communication is the key to get something done or making something happen. It allows for everyone’s opinions to get heard in an orderly manner. Simultaneously, effective communication can also open doors to more opportunities as people are more understanding and willing to help through effective liaison.

With INSIGHTFUL, Kevin is empowered to achieve more tremendous success through his interests in both STEM and finance-related subject areas. Simultaneously, he believes that in the future, this principle will guide him to leverage his own privilege and experience to enrich and help the next generation globally to achieve their own professional and personal bests. Developing a set of principles one truly subscribes to is vital for decision-making and ultimate success. Delivering systems change to the world requires collective action, and he wishes to play a role in leaving a memorable imprint.