Mr. Majid Abbara

Mr. Majid Abbara

As a professional in International Business & Economics (since 1986). Started in Financial Markets and International Trading in Physical Gold & Diamond.

In 1996, he Started in Financial Services and Financial Markets Trading. His¬†passion and enthusiasm in finance drove him to deeper studies and implementation in financial analysis “both technical and fundamental” in most financial markets “Stocks, Commodities, CFDs, Bonds”.

Further more, by the time, a more holistic view and understanding regarding macro and micro economic factors that affect most financial markets and the further global economy helped him create successful investment strategies that provide sustainable performance and return on investment.

Maintaining a sustainable performance in financial markets is the main challenge facing most decision makers today, therefore as a leader in the industry strategies and analysis are important but not sufficient.

A set of skills such as networking, a good team-spirit and effective communication are only the few qualities to name next to dedication and utmost love to his work and the financial universe.