Mr. Parn Anantnakin

Mr. Parn Anantnakin

Mr. Parn Anantnakin

Parn Anantnakin is a student at NIST international school of Thailand, and his life mission is to make the world a happier and safer place.

Since the summer of 2020, Parn has been developing his own cleaning machine called the ‘ozone box’ which is a plastic box with a rechargeable ozone generator implemented within and hopes to expand his creation to his community or larger. He is also the founder of Pass It On, a service group that helps advocate for the student’s voice at NIST, and the youngest member of Inofab, a non-profit Chiang Mai University engineering organization which creates exoskeleton for disabled people – increasing their quality of life.

Outside of advocacy and research, Parn is also the founder of, a website that provides information about healthcare and hospitals throughout Thailand that are nearest to the user.

In the future, Parn is interested in studying biology (potentially environmental science) as it’s a tangible field of study that can easily be implemented to help the environment in the future. At the same time, he is also interested in learning about others’ personalities, thus psychology could be a potential field of study in the future for Parn. All in all, Parn is currently interested in working as a psychologist or environmental researcher.

Parn looks forward to scaling his impact on an international level as a Youth Ambassador of Ariel Foundation International and is excited to co-create new partnerships with his fellow Ambassadors towards Agenda 2030.