Mr. Peter Schellinck

Mr. Peter Schellinck

Peter is a Belgian strategic and creative thinker with a track record of delivering against targets and motivating people to deliver. He is a qualified Chemical and Biochemical Engineer with Post Graduate Economy who has been working and living abroad, mainly Eastern Europe, North America and Africa. As entrepreneur, Chairman, CEO and editor he also is an active member of several Management Boards in both private and public organisations. Drawing upon interpersonal skills, as well his business, engineering and corporate governance experience and expertise, he has always found a way to transform underperforming operations into robust profit centres.

An innovative leader who turns ideas into action, Peter is an outstanding problem solver adept at aligning operations and business strategies and utilizing assets to achieve bottom line objectives. He has a track record of seizing opportunities and creating innovative solutions that lead to improved efficiency and profitability in start-ups, turnaround and established environments. He is especially skilled in providing strong strategic and tactical leadership and solving complex interpersonal challenges. Peter is a high-energy, creative executive with effective communication skills and motivational abilities that exude loyalty, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

An international consultant, mentor and accredited freelance research journalist, he has worked for over 40 years leading and motivating multi-disciplinary teams within small as well as multinational blue-chip companies and public authorities to create a shared vision and plan to proactively achieve greater business results. He is an accomplished change agent who delivers sustained performance. He has consistently contributed to corporate goals, social responsibility, cultural diversity and objectives by developing solutions that improve revenues and profits, generate growth, establish gender equality and control costs.

A solution-oriented leader and effective communicator, Peter has demonstrated the ability to establish and maintain C-Level and high political relationships, reengineer processes and develop multi-functional teams to support strategic initiatives and produce meaningful as well as measurable growth and success throughout his diverse professional career. His intuition and passion, which have been the driving forces behind many of his successes, elevate his energy level and heighten his personal satisfaction, causing him to constantly seek new and challenging opportunities with the aim of creating a better society.

As BIOSS professional, he uses Elliott Jaques’ systemic methodology to analyse large organizations, private as well as public, rapidly. This method, uniquely, enables analysis of work of classified organizations, without requiring learning the work of the organization, yet uncovering optimization opportunities. Being a shareholder and stakeholder activist, he secures, with executive boards and policy makers, sustainability through organizational, strategic and individual resilience. His trademark is embedding disciplined and systematic execution process that generates improved, sustainable results with teams of motivated, harmonised multi-cultural individuals.