Mr Siddharth Satish

Mr Siddharth Satish

Mr Siddharth Satish

Siddharth Satish is the AFI Youth Ambassador at the UN. He is also the founder of two non profit initiatives and a student led podcast. Throughout all of his initiatives you will see his passion and dedication towards UN sustainable development goals. Siddharth is an ardent supporter of education and equity in access to education, and this belief is what influenced his entrepreneurial endeavors.

His fiscally sponsored non profit organization, Rememoirs is helping redefine healthcare by caring for the elderly with alzheimers and dementia and by increasing education about the same. So far this group has 54 chapters world wide, with 500+ members and has impacted 10,000 people.

His second non profit initiative is the Politics, Economics and Philosophy (PEP) magazine. As a pioneer of equity in education he felt that he had the responsibility to increase awareness of political, economic and philosophical concepts amongst youth, so he began this magazine. The magazine is not gender normative which serves to boost female and gender fluid representation in the field; and  the images are racially diverse – which means that more and more children of color can see themselves in the magazine. Over 100,000 people have read his magazine and he has over 600 people working with him.

Lastly, he has his own podcast. Siddharth created this podcast to spark conversation on various political and nonpolitical issues within his community, to promote cross-cultural communication and has interviewed people on a host of interesting topics. He has spoken to multiple activists and has over 1,000 listeners from over 5 countries.

No matter where he is or what he is doing, Siddharth tries to make a positive and lasting impact on his community. When he is not working he can be found spending time with his family, facetiming his grandparents and cousins in India or sipping on boba tea at a park.