Ms. Ananya Chopra

Ms. Ananya Chopra

Ananya Chopra is the Youth Ambassador of AFI at United Nations. She is known as Wonder Ananya on the digital platforms. Ananya is 12 Years old Student and a self-published Author of ‘Save Our Planet’. Save Our Planet is a Travel book and it is for kids who want to be creative while traveling or want to have some fun in their free time. They can spend their quality time while enjoying different puzzles designed by her in this book.

Ananya is passionate about working for the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. She started her journey with SDGs at Ahlcon International School, India when She was in Grade 5. She has participated in many global and local campaigns like disability drive, girl child education, SOS4Love, and Goals Project

Ananya became inspired to work for the social causes and inequalities through her school and her brother, Ayush Chopra. She supports Ayush for all his projects under SDGs For Children, their not for profit organization.

Ananya is also passionate about sports. She has won cash prizes and Trophies at State and Provincial Squash Tournaments in India and Canada. She believes, sport is a powerful educational tool to achieve Sustainable development.

Ananya believes that there is no age to dream big. If we work hard and act on our dreams daily, no one can stop us in making them true.

Live your dreams !!