Ms. Benedetta Nirta

Ms. Benedetta Nirta

Benedetta is in charge of Individual Giving at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, CH.
As a young professional, she took the reins of the Organization’s digital fundraising, developing successful digital strategies and fundraising communications.

Striving to make a positive impact in the world, since her early years Benedetta devoted her time to the bettering of her community. In Italy, she volunteered in various local nonprofits, actively participating in their operational and strategical decisions.

She holds a Master in Fundraising for Non Profit Organizations and Public Institutions from the University of Bologna, Italy. In the same campus, she also completed her BA and MA degrees in International and Diplomatic Science with a dissertation on the effects of climate change on sustainability and migration fluxes.

Her work for the CERN & Society Foundation, CERN’s charitable arm, has pinned her amongst the 10 most innovative Italian fundraisers in 2018 according to VITA Magazine.