Ms. Claudia Pak

Ms. Claudia Pak

Ms. Claudia Pak

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Claudia Pak is a tenacious and active member of her community, who strives to create novel solutions to pressing issues surrounding global health and education – an area where she aims to further develop as a Youth Ambassador of Ariel Foundation International. Through her personal experiences, she has designed the CREATE Framework – for all youth to advance collective action towards combating inequalities and advancing the UN SDGs.

Step 1: Change. She strives to create novel solutions to pressing issues such as global health and education. She is a passionate and ambitious student, who is always looking for ways to drive action in her community to reduce inequalities and encourage compassion for vulnerable groups in society.

Step 2: Resilience. Claudia believes in building resilience, and instilling empathy in others. Having had experiences of social ostracism throughout her life, Claudia knows that the impacts of discrimination of any kind are forever lasting. As a result of her experiences, she is well aware of the importance of preventing discrimination against minority groups in society. Within her journey to overcoming these mental and emotional barriers, she can strongly attest to the fact that nobody, regardless of who they are, deserves to feel inferior or unworthy because of their identity. As a result, she has made it her mission to prevent others from feeling this too.

Step 3: Empathy. She is a strong believer in empathy-based enterprising thinking. Claudia implemented the ‘Tutor for You’ initiative, which is a sponsoring system that helps provide formal education for slum children in Kenya, to which she has facilitated 20 sponsorships so far.

Step 4: Aid. Claudia also strives to foster a sense of giving and creating aid for others. It is through her volunteer work as Curriculum Coordinator at Ivy League Academy, a school located in Kenya, that Claudia gives weekly lessons for different academic subjects and designs the curriculum used by the school.

Step 5: Transformation She encourages others to take initiative to transform the world. Around her local area, she has set up several drives in a variety of community centres, collecting stationery, educational and technological donations to send to the school. In an effort to increase these donations, she has advertised the drives around her school and on social media platforms, to spread awareness about the need to address inequalities in educational opportunities and experiences.

Step 6: Empowerment. She aspires to empower young people to co-create their future. Her most recent passion project has involved writing and illustrating a nonfiction picture book about genetics and “how our genes make us unique”. Her motivation to write the book came from an amalgamation of her love of visual art, and desire to teach children important lessons in STEM. By presenting complex scientific concepts in fun, digestible ways, she hopes that her book will promote a love of learning in science, and make scientific topics more available to a younger demographic.

In the future, while remaining passionate and ambitious, she will always be looking for innovative ways to drive action in her community to reduce inequalities and encourage compassion for vulnerable groups in society.