Ms. Dana Bao

Ms. Dana Bao

Ms. Dana Bao

Dana Bao is an active youth researcher passionate in research related education since the age of 14, and is proud to serve as a Youth Ambassador of Ariel Foundation International.

She conducted independent research on the salinity tolerance of cruciferous vegetables and mitigating its threat using fungal polysaccarides, and this was showcased at Learning Planet Festival 2022. Subsequently, with Pioneer Academics, she performed additional research regarding sleep deprivation’s genetic influence on Huntington’s disease.

From these two unique experiences amongst others, she realized the limitation most of the current public K-12 courses have on independent research, thus founded Prospect Youth Institute, a youth-designed, self-guided and open-source platform about the methodology of independent research for high school students. The platform focuses on providing a set of research methodology for each subject discipline that is feasible for high school students, with a vision of making research methodology more accessible to a wider range of students. This project was formally introduced at Catalyst 2030’s Catalysing Change Week 2022, where she was a speaker.

In her spare time, Dana focuses on building communication within international communities using her bilingual ability. She worked as a trainee in Single Particle to learnt about cryo-electron technology and related analysis, and interned in JW Therapeutics under the department of PR & Policy and R&D. Her ACG subtitle group account has so far gained 90k followers and officially works for NIJISANJI EN Project in China mainland, responsible for subtitling and simultaneous interpreting.

In the future, Dana aims to pursue a degree of major in biological science and continue to build her research skill through the platform of university. Post-graduation, she aims to become a consultant at a biotech company while obtaining a PhD degree, and then proceed to leverage on her professional and academic qualifications to become a co-founder of a biotech startup, with the purpose of advancing health and well-being in an inclusive manner.

Outside of research and education, Dana is a music lover, a mental supporter of others, and a cat person.