Ms. Maya Alicia Crane

Ms. Maya Alicia Crane

Ms. Maya Crane

Maya Crane is a 10 year old student based in Dubai in the UAE.

Born to British father and Singaporean mother, Maya is amazingly talented in creating animation videos using Gacha Club which have gained 1,000 subscribers in her YouTube channel and some of her creation animations have attracted over 90,000+ views. She enjoys creative reading, playing Minecraft, reading, drawing and socialising.

Maya’s an excellent communicator with a strong British sense of humour. Her current favourite authors include David Walliams and the Dork Diaries series, which have helped her tremendously in her creative writing.
She is also looking forward to writing her first book this year.

Maya is naturally gifted in front of the camera and regularly steals the show when she appears in her father’s web tv show on Linkedin/ Facebook. She is at home with new technology and gadgets and loves connecting with her friends worldwide on Zoom.

She has been voted class representative at her student council.

She has a very strong moral compass and an understanding of many current world matters (especially recent US politics, Black Lives Matter, education etc).

She is a natural leader with incredibly strong principles and is always popular amongst her peers.”