Ms. Olivia Liberati

Ms. Olivia Liberati

Ms. Olivia Liberati

Olivia Liberati is an 11year-old sixth-grade student, who is born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Olivia has an appreciation for the Arts and has been in Dance for 8 years. She is currently enrolled in the Wexford Dance Academy and is in the Pre-Pro level. Just this year she began Pointe training and is at the studio 3 days a week for over 9 hours.

Olivia is very much like any young girl, she enjoys playing outside, riding on anything with wheels, and having fun but most evenings when it’s time to unwind Olivia usually can be found drawing in her sketchbook. She loves to create and says someday she wants to be a designer and have boutiques around the world selling her clothes.

Olivia has been an active Girl Scout since she was in Kindergarten and is now in the Cadette level. There are many aspects of Scouts that Olivia enjoys including the friendship she has developed with the other girls in the troop and as well as the life skills she has learned including outdoor survival, first aid, and public speaking to name a few. Olivia certainly loves when the troop does fun activities like Art, Yoga, etc. but she says she feels like where she can
really make a difference is when she does things that benefit the community. For example, her troop has been participating in a meal service evening for almost 4 years. Since the pandemic, her troop has been not been able to participate. Instead, her troop hosted a food drive in the local community. They collected enough food to fill the entire pack of their family SUV.

Olivia attends the Providence Heights Alpha School which is an independent and privately owned Catholic School. Now that she is in middle school, Olivia has achieved Honor Roll each grading period. She has also been featured as Art Student of The Year several times and her work can be seen throughout the halls of her school. She plays on the school’s Volleyball, Cross Country, and Track and Field teams.

Olivia Loves family travel to the Cayman Islands and earned her Scuba Seal Team Certification at 8 years old. She practices sustainability and shares this passion with her father who is an active scuba diver and can’t wait until Olivia can join him on dive trips.