Ms. Selin Hara

Ms. Selin Hara

Ms. Selin Hara

My name is Selin Hara, I was born on the 7th of October 2004 in Ipswich England. I am in secondary school Year 11. I am interested in pursuing a career in musical theatre therefore I have been attending Stagecoach for 9 years after school. Singing, dancing and acting makes my soul feel amazing and free. I can play the piano. I do ballet. I love team and individual sports like tennis, skiing, hockey, rounder’s, to do at school since I was young.

I have a particular passion for literature, writing and reading, swimming and cycling. I also like singing songs in different languages. I want to study law as well, but at the same time I want musical theatre to be in my life. I am interested in philosophy and that’s why I joined the P4C (Philosophy for children) program weekly because I like questioning things in depth. I am bilingual, I can speak Turkish and English.

I like to travel to different countries and it’s my greatest desire to understand to see historical places all over the world that have distinct features and beauties. I find interesting learning about the cultures and histories of those countries I am visiting. I notice all cultures are inspired by each other. When I have travelled to Saint Petersburg and Moscow in Russia that I was enchanted by all the beauties I saw. When I visited Prague in Czech Republic, in all corners of the city, I could see the effects of the medieval times that we read in history books.  When planning a travel, I get extremely excited that I will visit museums and historical places and get closer to the history, art and literature of a country.

I am interested in politics, how countries in the world are governed and follow their approach to human rights and the environment. I love helping people in the world, that’s why I have donated to charity. I always like donating food in supermarkets and they give the foods we bought for homeless people and one day I hope I can do more. I find it really important to help people with no homes, no food and I feel like everyone should be grateful for what they have because a lot of people don’t have what we have.

I prefer living, not just being alive, so I am interested in everything that contributes to life.