Ms. Yasmin Hassoobh

Ms. Yasmin Hassoobh

Ms. Yasmin Hassoobh

Yasmin Hassoobh is an ambitious youth advocate whose mission is to create change in the Tech industry by involving more Arab women to join the science and innovation field.

To accelerate her impact, she founded Saudi Steminist, a non-profit multimedia platform that aims to inspire and encourage more Arab females to join the scientific and innovative field. It connects over 200 women across the Middle East and aims to bridge out globally.

In addition to that, since the age of 12, she has always had a vision to widen her circle of impact and create something meaningful that can have a long term impact. Therefore, she also founded a youth initiative called Ensani. Ensani is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of young helpers to create a meaningful impact while educating, exciting, and encouraging the youth at the same time. Ensani helps youth from ages 5 to 14 collaborate together in the holy month of Ramadan to create meals for people in need in mosques. Ensani has helped feed more than 3000 people. Not only that, but Yasmin has led 3 programs in robotics, financial literacy, and health care. Yasmin is a firm believer in helping develop the new generation of children as a key to the future.

Outside of Ensani and Saudi Steminist, she enjoys coding, graphic designing, and painting. In 2021, Yasmin led her team to win the best Health Hack Award amongst 350 competitors in a global coding hackathon hosted by GSB Hack.

Yasmin looks forward to engaging with her fellow Youth Ambassadors from around the world to further scale her current initiatives.